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5-Star Rating from BauerFinancial for 20th Consecutive Quarter

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For its 20th consecutive quarter Premier Business Bank has been awarded a 5-Star Rating by BauerFinancial. The highest rating they assign based on financial strength. As a part of Premier, First Mountain Bank shares this recognition as part of the nation's most elite group of banks.

BauerFinancial, Inc. has been analyzing and reporting on the financial condition of the nation’s banking industry since 1983. With their guidance, countless depositors successfully navigated their way through the savings and loan crisis of the ’80s when others lost billions of dollars in uninsured deposits. Through the years BauerFinancial has earned the reputation of “the nation’s bank rating service”. Now, more than a 30 years later, hundreds of newspapers depend on our ratings for their readers. Over the years, federal and state regulators have referred thousands of inquirers to Bauer.

How do they do it? Each bank and credit union is required to file a detailed financial report with federal regulators four times a year. BauerFinancial obtains this data in its raw form from the government. The quarterly data is subjected to a thorough analysis and is compared with historical data for consistency. Upon completion of the analysis, a star-rating is assigned based on a scale of zero to five stars with five stars being the strongest.

BauerFinancial is the source for unbiased, independent bank and credit union star-ratings. No institution pays for its rating, nor can they avoid a rating.